Snowshoe Ukulele Company offers a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects.


The warranty is not limited to the original owner and includes any and all re-sales provided Snowshoe Ukulele Company is notified by the original owner or the new owner on the date of a re-sale of a Snowshoe Ukulele. The warranty is limited to only the ukulele and parts, originally provided by Snowshoe Ukulele Company.


Why only 1 year? Although I have had very few claims or problems, I believe in the ukuleles I design and build, and have yet to decline any assistance to any customers regardless of how old the ukulele is. The warranty is 1 year to protect me from some of those "I was just strumming along in the hot tub" instances. I have yet to incur any such claims but regardless, some form of protection is needed. 


The warranty is valid for normal wear and tear of ukuleles and excludes damage incurred due to misuse, neglect, cosmetic finishes, accident, improper maintenance, modifications, and crashing! Prior to return of ukuleles or ukulele-hardware, contact Snowshoe Ukulele Company to initiate the return process. Warrantied ukuleles will be repaired if applicable, or replaced as needed, at the discretion of the company. Warrantied ukes will be of same grade materials and parts are subject to change due to improvement without notice. All accepted warranty claims WILL receive an additional year of coverage. Customers will be reimbursed for incurred shipping charges for accepted warranty claims, except overseas sales - overseas sales will be discussed on an individual basis prior to sale.  


Snowshoe Ukulele is here to assist and serve you and will work with you to repair and replace ukulele damage that does not fall under warranty at minimal cost and as quick as possible. Claims that fall outside the 1 year period of the warranty will be dealt with similarly. Snowshoe Ukulele Company is a small company and advises that warranty issues will be handled as quickly as possible, but turnaround times are expectedly typically longer than larger companies.


Ukulele playing is inherently a dangerous pastime in which injury can occur. Snowshoe Ukulele Company is in no way liable for any bodily injury whatsoever, regardless of Musical failure. It is the responsibility of the owner to inspect and ensure the Ukulele, including the strings, pick-ups, tuners, and all ukulele components are in good working order, operated under proper conditions (receptive crowds), as well as inspecting the ukulele for cracks and suspect damage. So really just keep an eye out for cracks and damage. 


Now go and enjoy your Hare-loom ukulele!