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Ukulele Sizes and Base Prices

Please scroll through the galeries to see a small sampling of finished ukuleles.
Tenor Ukulele $1150.00

The Tenor ukulele is the most popular size ukulele I make. This is the uke I like for pickin’ and like them best strung in Low G. Because I’m mostly using my tenor for fingerpicking, I tend to lean toward spruce tops with Adirondack spruce being my favorite. I also like a few other spruces (Sitka and German) as well since they work better than Adirondack with some back and side sets. I also have an all Koa tenor that I really like for fingerpicking as well. Then again, when I can only bring one uke with me it’s my all mahogany tenor strung in Low G.

Concert Ukulele $950.00

The Concert ukulele falls between the smaller soprano and the larger Tenor and is my favorite size. It is easier to play than the Soprano while still retaining that classic roaring twenties vibe.

Soprano Ukulele $900.00

The Soprano uke is the smallest ukulele and the favorite uke of Tin Pan Ally in the 20’s and 30’s. This is the uke I pull out when I’m wondering if “Somebody Stole My Gal" and "Ain’t She Sweet”. The Snowshoe Soprano ukuleles are constructed as they were back in the twenties in the classic style O.

Baritone Ukulele $1500.00

The Baritone is more guitar than ukulele, but since Arthur Godfrey made them wildy popular in the late 1940's and early 1050's, they have become welcome in the Ukulele World. Their deep warm tones are infectious.


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