About Snowshoe Ukulele!

I started building guitars in 1986, while I was in high school. My first guitar was a Telecaster style electric with an all-out sunburst finish. While my tobacco sunburst finishes are quite different from that first endeavor, I’m still proud of my results back then. I ended up doing quite a lot of custom paint work on guitars and built several as a result of that first venture. In 2000, I left the Autobody and paint world behind and started working for Lucent Technologies Specialty Fiber Optic Division where I still work in the Test Reliability and Engineering Lab.

Fast forward to the winter of 2004, when I decided to build a ukulele 

so I could play those great old songs from the 20’s and 30’s. That summer, I went on a family camping trip with ukulele in tow. I pulled the uke out to play some campfire songs, and it was passed around so campers could strum the unassuming little instrument with the intoxicating sound. One husband and wife offered to buy it from me on the spot. That wasn’t going to happen, but I did offer to build them a soprano uke. My first sale.

This same scenario played out all summer. More and more orders were coming in. Funnily enough, that same summer saw an explosion in the local hare population. While this decimated my garden, it was also a creative boon, leading to the new name of my ukulele business-Snowshoe. With this new name, I happily apply wintery themes to many of my Ukuleles. ​My daughter Meagan drew up the first versions of Hippy Hoppy the Snowshoe hare. After several incarnations, Snowshoe as we know him now was born. Having "Hippy Hoppy" as part of my company's identity helps keep the business of building these fun little instruments, well, FUN!