• Stephen Beauregard

Sound Ports

As some of you may have noticed from the postings on Facebook and Instagram, I’m installing a lot of sound ports in my tenors lately. I can’t recommend these enough.

This is what monitors are to the musical groups. For years while touring, the Beatles couldn’t hear a thing they were playing. They mostly just watched Ringo and with years of practice, sounded great and in time. If you watch some of the old clips of them playing, you’ll see them shake their heads because they had no clue to what they sounded like. After they broke up, monitors became mainstream and changed the way bands could play. They now had instant feedback to what they are playing.

While you might be thinking a sound port isn’t for me since you only go play with your local Ukulele group. I found this is the environment that screams for feedback from your playing. With all the banjo ukuleles and other players floating in and out of time, keeping tabs on your own sound is paramount. We don’t have the benefit of being a tight knit band like the Beatles were so sound ports offer up a solution to the problems of being heard. It is my belief that if everyone had a sound port in their ukes during club meetings, no one would be trying to play over everyone else in vain attempts to hear themselves. I know I have been guilty of throwing in an extra strum or two just to make sure my uke was making sounds.

If you’re interested in trying out a ukulele with a sound port, stop by and see me at one of the next festivals I’ll be displaying several ukuleles with sound ports.

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