• Stephen Beauregard

To Blog or not to Blog

To blog or not to blog, that was my question! I've been on the fence for quite awhile now about if I should start one. I've seen too many blogs get abandoned after just a few postings. My fear is this whole writing thing might be way harder than it appears from the reader’s perspective. However, since the new Website can easily integrate a blog and newsletter into the design, I'm jumping in with both feet!


Now that I've decided to jump in as it were, I have to figure out how much time to devote to this little venture. Now keep in mind, I am not a professional blogger (I'm still not sure how they make a living), I really just want to make and play ukuleles. I don't want this to become something resembling work.

The blog/newsletter is only going to be a once a month affair. Why only one a month when all the big companies send out anywhere from several a week to several a day? Exactly! I'd rather you see my post/email and think "hmm, what is Snowshoe up to this month" rather than what I say when when my inbox is clogged with emails telling me "20% ends in five minutes, act fast"

Now that my blog intro is done, time to get back to building ukuleles.

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